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Plastic and aesthetic surgery treatments

Non surgical procedureNon surgical procedure

With the correct indication come very good results, quick treatments, out patient procedures and rapid recuperation. The following remedies could delay or avoid a surgical intervention: Fillings, Botox, implant injections (Hyaluronic acid, Sculptra, Radiesse, etc), mesotherapy, roller, thread lift, rejuvenation with the transfer of your own fat (lipofilling) etc.

Aesthetic Facial SurgeryAesthetic Facial Surgery

Minimally invasive interventions, nearly always with local anaesthetic and sedation, performed as out patient procedures. The latest techniques with the fastest recuperation to both reduce the natural ageing process as well as to improve the alterations or specific features and re-establish a satisfactory aesthetic balance.

Remodelling of the bodyRemodelling of the body

Due to the natural ageing process, weight changes, and changes in the body produced by pregnancy, breast feeding, as well as particular anatomical congenital characteristics, these procedures resolve the problem in most cases and achieve to re-establish a satisfactory morphological-aesthetic balance.

Breast surgeryBreast surgery

Times have changed in a radical way: the improvements in aesthetic treatments, the advances in anesthesia, the new discoveries and the improvement of the old or simply the acceleration of the interventions – some are performed in less than an hour and the patients can leave the clinic within a few hours – has converted plastic surgery of the breasts into something safe and more comfortable.

Masculine surgeryMasculine surgery

Every day the number of men who undergo interventions or aesthetic treatments is greater.
As well as the correction of the effects of ageing, rhinoplasties (nose), otoplasties (ears), blepharoplasties (eyelids) and others that deserve the same general consideration, in men, there exist specific problems with efficient and rapid treatments.

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