Medicine and regenerative surgery

STEMCLINIC is one of the first private centres in Spain to apply the new techniques of plastic surgery with stem cells.

Using the latest scientific advances, with GID GROUP of USA technology, STEMCLINIC offers all treatments of regenerative surgery. The regenerative surgery is a discipline that uses adult stem cells derived from the adipose (fat) tissue to regenerate different human tissues, proportioning a NATURAL alternative to traditional surgery, including the plastic surgery speciality.

The regenerative surgery is currently the medical speciality which is developing most rapidly, offering a natural treatment for various wounds, lesions and illnesses which were considered untreatable up until now.

What is REGENERATIVE plastic surgery?

Traditionally plastic surgeons “reconstruct” using near or distant tissues with skin flaps and grafts. However, the REGENERATIVE CELLULAR PLASTIC SURGERY with the necessary tissues for a reconstruction can be obtained using the patients’ own cells which can regenerate themselves into the type of tissue necessary.

This is achieved using your “own regenerative cells” which have the potential to differentiate themselves (transform themselves) in many types of cells (muscle, blood vessels, fat, nerves) giving the plastic surgeon another alternative to reconstructive treatment. It really is another DIMENSION.

The regenerative medicine constitutes the techniques which the stem cells or those derived from them use, and/or products derived from the cells such as certain hormones or chemo modulators which stimulate the stem cell, to treat a series of degenerative illnesses or other alterations through the activation of the personal cells or organs of the body, producing a cure for themselves: “regeneration”. In contraposition of this “regenerative” concept is the traditional medical approach, interventional, with the application of an external element such as medications, surgeries, foreign bodies etc. Even though in the last 20 years studies and investigations have commenced, each additional time we observe a multitude of very promising results. Parallel to the investigations in motion, regenerative medicine is already a reality, presenting itself as an innovative alternative which is revolutionising conventional medicine.
The future of medicine is REGENERATIVE MEDICINE. In STEMCLINIC we offer cutting edge treatments; with vast experience, of over 20 years, and the usage of adipose tissue of the patient. (Stem cells and regenerative cells derived from adipose tissue).

The techniques which use stem cells derived from adipose tissue, are currently being used to carry out:

  • Natural breast enlargement
  • Remodelling of buttocks
  • Substitution of breast implants
  • Breast reconstruction post mastectomy
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Treatment of deformities, depressions and tissue loss
  • Substantial regeneration of the quality of the tissue in results after radiation (radiodermatitis) and other types of scars
  • Parry-Romberg syndrome
  • Treatment of aftermath, fistulas and chronic ulcers
  • Pain and functional problems of joints
  • Osteoarthritis and other problems


IN STEMCLINIC WE USE TECHNOLOGY FROM GID-GROUP USA, eaders in investigation for the process and clinical applications of stem cells and regenerative cells of the adipose tissue.

Who could imagine “unwanted” tissue such as fat, would contain stem cells to treat diverse alterations and illnesses!!!

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