Post mastectomy reconstruction


We offer to patients affected by a LUMPECTOMY a new treatment in those cases where up until now, very few or no alternative existed.

With this new technique it is possible to re-establish volume and shape defects using your own fat enriched with stem and regenerative cells without the need for implants.

1. Why is this technique unique?

The patients own fat is used, enriched with its own stem cells which are naturally found in the adipose tissue.

2. How are these cells obtained?

The cells are extracted from the patients own fat by liposuction, carried out in the operating theatre, which can often be done under local anaesthetic.

The fat is processed with GID – GROUP (USA) technology, in the operating theatre during the same procedure.

3. What is the security of this procedure?

The clinical experience shows that the breast reconstruction with fat enriched with cells is safe.

As in all cases of surgery and reconstruction, the patient should follow a protocol.

Adequate medical indication is also important, as is a correct selection of the patient.

The cells used to enrich the fat graft are normally present in the breast tissue.

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