Breast surgery

Times have changed in a radical way: the improvements in aesthetic treatments, the advances in anesthesia, the new discoveries and the improvement of the old or simply the acceleration of the interventions – some are performed in less than an hour and the patients can leave the clinic within a few hours – has converted plastic surgery of the breasts into something safe and more comfortable.

Additionally the plastic and aesthetic surgery has converted into something much more democratic; it has passed from being patrimony of the movie stars and upper class to something obtainable to a large part of society.



This is one of the most appreciated surgeries in the Plastic –Aesthetic Surgery field because when a patient has very small breasts, or a breast agenesis, the results achieved through a prosthetic implantation are very satisfactory.

As always we should carry out an anatomical evaluation:

It is important to evaluate:

  • If there is flaccidity of the skin

  • Which is the panniculus adipose and the subcutaneous tissue we have

  • The quantity of original mammary gland

  • The size of the areola- nipple area

  • The exact measurements of the wall of the thorax

  • If they are symmetrical or asymmetrical breasts and if the two nipples are at the same height or not.

Once all of these parameters have been evaluated we have to inform the patient that there are various ways of fitting the prosthesis, the ones we use are:

  • Via inferior periareolar, in the border where there is a natural color change, making the scar almost imperceptible.

  • Via submammary, in the inferior breast crease

  • Via axillary.

The prosthesis can be implanted subfascially (behind a fine layer of the muscle and in front of the fibers) or submuscular, which is just under the pectoral muscle, depending on the indications of each case. The older technique, the subglandular, is no longer used by us

The aesthetic result is immediate and very satisfactory. When the mammary gland is not altered, there are no contraindications for breast feeding. It has been proven that it does not create a greater risk of suffering a pathology relating to the breasts in the future. The post operatory recovery is comfortable and the results can been seen in the act.
Additionally, and as an alternative to the use of breast implants we can perform the technique of breast enhancement through LIPO-TRANSFER WITH FAT ENRICHED STEM CELLS, a technique with which a natural enhancement is achieved with the benefit of carrying the procedure out at the same time as a liposuction as we are using the patients own body fat. (


When a woman has had an exaggerated disproportioned breast development, we have to take into account that this will cause serious problems both with personal image as well as bone problems at the level of the cervical column and the dorsal column.

This is why we have to take into account that it is important to achieve a good aesthetic reduction with an adequate volume and weight so that these spinal problems are improved.

There exists many techniques of breast reduction; in them the aim is to maintain sensibility of the areola-nipple area and the function of the gland. But what is just as important is to achieve a breast with a satisfactory aesthetic appearance, a beautiful breast, with minimal scarring.


When the problem is fallen breasts and the patient is happy with the size, we also apply surgery to elevate them.
There are no problems relating to a future pregnancy, the techniques contemplate the requirements to not jeopardize future breast feeding and to preserve an erogenous area around the areola – nipple.

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