Renovation of articulations with stem cells



The way that medicine is currently being practised has changed radically with the use of stem cells and regenerative cells for aesthetic and medical – curative goals.

For the treatment of the pathology of joints with stem cells, various techniques are used, as much the bone marrow as embryonic cells, all of which require manipulation and/or cultivation of the stem cells, which implicates an untimely process, outside of the operating theatre. However, the stem cells and regenerative cells derived from adipose tissue which we carry out in STEMCLINIC, take advantage of the extraordinary curative potential of the stem cells found in your own fat, WITHOUT THE NEED FOR EXTERNAL PROCESS, CULTIVATION OR MANIPULATION of the cells. This way the technique of the regeneration of the joints in STEMCLINIC can improve the symptoms of many articular pathologies without the need for major surgery.

Advantages of the renovation of articulations with stem cells in STEMCLINIC

The stem cells and regenerative cells derived from the fat are genetically predetermined to regenerate and repair many functions and tissues of the body. They also have the capacity to transform themselves into fat, muscle, bone, cartilage and cells which cover the nerves.

The results of the usage in articular pathologies can reduce: Pain, discomfort, rigidness and other symptoms of the joints; all with a simple injection. This way you can reduce or avoid risks, pain, medical leave and recuperation time which are needed with large surgeries, prosthesis, and permanent use of medications and/or injections which only produce a temporary improvement. Although long term results do not exist yet, the initial results are very promising and positive.

What does the articular renovation in STEMCLINIC consist of?

It can be carried out under local anaesthetic. The first step consists in a small liposuction usually of the abdomen or thighs, the stem cells are isolated from the fat, and they are immediately injected into the affected joint, all in the same session.

Who can benefit from this treatment?

Patients suffering from pain and stiffness due to traumas, arthritis, weakness of the articular cartilage. Also from patients with great affectation of the cartilage, to the ones who have been indicated for a joint prosthesis surgery (knee etc.)

Which joints?

Any articulations can be treated with stem cells. The knee is the most common. A correct personal valuation is fundamental for the correct indication with stem cells.

Risks and side effects

Minimal risks exist. They are the same as any injection in a joint (bleeding, infection, bruising, and swelling). As the stem cells are your own cells, and are not manipulated which allows them to be used in their original form, there is no risk of rejection or allergies.


Practically no medical leave time exists, you can reintegrate to your normal activities quickly. You could experience swelling and discomfort in the area where the fat was extracted, during a few days. Usually no pain killers are needed and the patients refer an improvement in their symptoms very quickly.

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