Surgery of the ABDOMEN (Abdominoplasty)

Although the abdomen is usually rebellious when following a diet or doing exercise, the surgery works wonders with lose skins of fat deposits (adipose apron). The reconstruction of the abdominal wall achieves excellent results.

A woman, after childbirth sometimes finds that the abdominal wall has been left distended and flaccid. This distension gives a balloon effect and can sometimes be accompanied by a fold of fat which can cause discomfort and cannot be solved with slimming diets.

The appropriate treatment is to carry out an anatomical evaluation of all the structures and think in 3 levels: first the skin, whether there is excess skin or not, if there are stretch marks or not, if it is distended. Secondly, what is the fat like? If there is excess fat is it distributed asymmetrically or if there is fat accumulated under the stomach, in the flanks, in the waist, etc. And thirdly what is the muscular wall like? If the muscles are united or separated (muscular diastasis =, if there is good muscle tone.


In the initial consultation, your state of health will be evaluated. You should express your expectations sincerely and in a frank manner, so that we are able to explain the available alternatives for your problem, with the risks and limitations of each one of them. In each of the cases we offer you. We determine which is the optimal procedure which will give you a more adequate silhouette.

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