Masculine lifting

The facial rejuvenation surgery

As we grow old, the effects of gravity, sun exposure and the stress of daily life are noted in our faces. Deep folds are formed between the nose and the mouth; the cheeks fall; fat and wrinkles appear around the neck.

The lifting improves the more visible signs of ageing, tensing the muscles of the face, eliminating the excess of fat and redistributing the skin on the face and the neck. The lifting can be carried out separately or associated with other procedures such as a blepharoplasty (eyelids).

The frontal lifting corrects the fall of the eyebrows and the wrinkles on the forehead. If you are considering the possibility to undergo a lifting, you will obtain basic information regarding the surgery when indicated, how it will be performed and the results that can be expected.

Who is an ideal candidate to undergo a lifting procedure?

The ideal candidates to undergo a lifting are those men whose face and neck have started to “fall”. The majority of the patients are aged between 50 to 70 years old. A lifting can make you look younger and increase your self confidence, but it will not provide a completely different appearance.


A good communication and information is essential. During the first consultation, the face including the skin and the underlying bone structures will be evaluated and the surgical possibilities will be discussed. The state of your health will be checked including those problems which could complicate the surgery, such as high blood pressure, problems with coagulation and scarring.

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